Construction waste: disposal and processing

Construction today is conducted everywhere. And the flip side of the coin in this case is the appearance of a large amount of construction garbage. It accumulates not so much on construction sites, where the required amount of materials is originally calculated for the construction of houses, but when disassembling old and dilapidated buildings, in the place of which new houses are further erected. What should be in this case the correct disposal of construction waste.

The secondary use of building materials is profitable

To begin with, the dismantling of old buildings was often carried out by a detachment. As a result, blockages of wood, concrete, glass are formed. Firstly, all this must be taken out somewhere, and the garbage sites are full, although huge territories of the Earth are allocated under them. Secondly, it is much more advisable to disassemble old buildings to use some materials a second time.

Dismantling of building structures is carried out by specialists who can immediately and sort materials for suitable for further use (this can be brick, stone and so on), as well as those that are subject to export and burial in places of warehousing of waste.

By the way, the method of secondary use of waste generated in the construction of new buildings has long been used in developed countries. This is economically beneficial, since recyclables are used for construction, as well as less garbage is taken to a landfill.

There is one more point: new materials used in the construction of houses appear constantly. Therefore, you have to export and dispose of everything that remains after dismantling. One of the options to reduce the number of such waste is the use of environmentally friendly and natural materials in the construction. They serve for a long time, and, if necessary, can be used again.

How not to harm nature

There is evidence that annual waste during the construction of buildings and structures increases by 2.5 billion tons. And this garbage occupies huge territories in area. Ecology damage is caused by very tangible.

Therefore, it is unacceptable for the removal of construction garbage to places not equipped for its storage and processing. Today you can observe how unauthorized landfills grow around cities. All this causes great damage to nature. Therefore, when the construction was based, it is important to contact specialized companies that have a license to carry out such work.