Successful invention – drywall

GIPS began to be used long before our era in Egypt. GIPS received modern interpretation in the 19th century in the USA, then drywall appeared.

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In Russia, the beginning of its use began in the 50s of the 20th century. Gypsum cardboard serves for the construction of interior partitions, fake walls, wall processing. Drywall sheets consist of dry gypsum, which is laid between two layers of paper or cardboard. Such sheets do not cause human health, no harm, environmental, do not create an electrostatic field.

Also, its pluses are the ability to absorb excess moisture and give it if necessary, which helps to create a comfortable climate in the room. Drywall is not a fuel due to the fact that its core is gypsum. Drywall sheets have one of the highest levels of heat heat, which gives it the properties of insulation.

Publishing drywall makes attractive that its help can be quickly and easily created by the design of all kinds of forms (to make niches and arches from it, through small cuts). In addition, all components for sheets can be bought at any construction market or construction shop. Drywall is divided into several types: heat -resistant, moisture resistant and increased strength. The width of the usual sheet is 120 cm.