Whose apartment can be given to neighbors?

According to existing rules, when opening an inheritance case, a notary must check all wills ever drawn up by the testator using the Unified Notary Information System.

This must be done due to the fact that, according to the law, each newly drawn up will cancels the previous one if its subject is the same property. This means that if an apartment was bequeathed to someone, this does not mean that in the end it will actually go to that person.

Another unpleasant situation that can happen to almost your home is transferring it to a neighbor. This can happen if a relative who bequeathed his apartment, shortly before his death, enters into a rental agreement for lifelong care in exchange for square meters.

According to the rules, the caregiver becomes the owner of the home immediately after signing the contract and registering his rights in Rosreestr. However, to transfer ownership rights to another person, it is sufficient to sign a rental agreement with a notary and the actual transfer of housing according to the acceptance deed.