How best to connect gndfos pumping stations

GNDFOS system functioning principle

GNDFOS pumping station consists of several elements, each of which is responsible for its “site” of work. The pump connected through the automation system is supplied to the water accumulator, in which it is preserved until the consumption. At a certain stage, when the pressure decreases to a certain mark, the automation system starts pumping equipment again to replenish the supply of liquid.

Installation recommendations:

The station should be placed as close as possible to the source.

Equipment outside the room must be insulated.

All current -consuming elements must have reliable insulation.

The design must be installed on a special rubber gasket to reduce the resonance.

To protect against possible failures in the power supply network, it is recommended to use voltage stabilizer.

Connection features:

Even before the acquisition of the GNDFOS station, it is necessary to carefully calculate all the nuances of water consumption in your house, which should find a display in a thoughtful water supply plan.

In this calculation, you will need to make some measurements:

– heights to the upper edge of the liquid in the source (h);

– distances from the location of the pump station from the mouth of the source (l).

Based on the information received, you can calculate the maximum suction depth according to the formula h = londfos – a full -fledged, ready to operate automatic water supply complex, which differs in the ease of installation and connection. However, it is necessary to make measurements correctly, the competent calculation of which is possible only to the specialists of our company.

Especially to take into account such important aspects of connection as insulation of the station and isolation of energy consuming devices. The slightest omission threatens the emergency situation and expensive repairs.

Another feature of the normal functioning of this equipment is the composition of the water in the source. It is first recommended to complete the fluid from it using another pump to clean the well or well in this way. Subsequently, it is still necessary to use the filter elements at the entrance to the pump to avoid mechanical suspensions that can disable the device.