choice of styling method and step -by -step work

This type of foundation is used in construction in cases:

• There is no monolithic soil or soil subsidence may occur in separate areas.

• Walls and roof create a large load on the foundation

Depending on the material that is used in the construction of a strip foundation, the foundation is divided into 2 types:

• monolithic strip foundations – are built of broken stone, which is poured with concrete, or reinforced, which is also poured with concrete

• prefabricated or composite strip foundations – built from monolithic reinforced concrete blocks.

DIY Branded Stone Stone


Before pouring a monolithic foundation with a broken stone, the trench is first aligned around the perimeter of the house and partitions.

The trench should be wider than 20 or 30 cm than the width of the wall of the house. And also the trench should be more deeply 20-40 cm than the depth of freezing of the soil.

At the same time, the depth of the trench for a one -story house should be at least 60 cm, and for a two -story should be at least 110 cm.


After the trench is ready to fall asleep with broken stone and poured with cement mortar. The ratio of cement to sand in the solution should be 1 to 4.

The consistency of the solution should be such that the mixture can safely fill all the cracks between the stones. It is recommended to make a fill in layers for 1-2 days to obtain a monolithic foundation.

First fall asleep 1/3 of the trench with a stone and poured with a solution. So until the concrete structure is equal to the ground.


After the end of these works, they proceed to pour the basement.

The principle of filling remains the same. After the end of the basement is completed, the foundation is left for drying for a period of at least a month.

A monolithic foundation device with a reinforced belt

This type of foundation is very similar to the previous. But unlike the past in this type, a broken stone is not used.

1. Instead of a stone, a metal network is laid in a trench, which is made of reinforcement with a diameter of 14-14 mm, connected by a wire with a diameter of 5 to 8 mm.

The reinforcing mesh should be slightly lower than the calculated basement height. For the base, which is located above the ground, knock down wooden formwork.

2. This type of foundation must be poured at once for a short period of time. This will make it possible to get a monolith.

3. A few weeks later, after the concrete dries, you can dismantle the formwork and start waterproofing the foundation.

Waterproofing must be carried out both on the upper and side parts of the foundation. As a waterproofing material, roofing material is mainly used.