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These doors are known to almost all customers and have already established themselves only from the positive side. You can verify this yourself by looking at the steel doors professor reviews. All models of this type of product are characterized by an increased degree of protection, stylish design, as well as good sound and sound insulation. And now this manufacturer has launched the production of new models called professor New.

This design has a canvas made of sheet steel, the thickness of which is two mm. The door box is a curved profile, which is made of steel of cold rolling two mm and has a metal platband. The thickness of the platband is seventy -four mm, it is able to block the gap of fifty -one and a half mm. Also, the advantage of input models from this manufacturer is considered to be insulated with mineral wool box and canvas. The seals are located like this, the first passes throughout the canvas, and the second along the door frame. It means to improve the doorway will help loops with a stubborn bearing and a night slide. In the loop part of the structure there are anti -detergent crossbars, its cross section is seventeen mm. Armstration protects the cylinder mechanism. The canvas and box of this models, as a rule, is covered with a special composition that is made in France and Italy.

The rigid design of models of this product is able to withstand any hacking, since it is equipped with special ribs, a bar on a box, special locking boxes. And also in these models there are additional devices for locking and power locks. The passage to the locks is closed with a steel sheet, the thickness of which is two mm and a porcelain insert, ten mm thick. In addition to the lower castle for locking in these designs, there is also a second castle. After you close the lower castle immediately blocked the upper keyword, that is, there is a complete overlap of the lock using a special steel plate. Therefore, you must first close the upper castle, and only then only the lower. And when you need to open the door, you need to do this process on the contrary. The double castle system guarantees you an increased degree of protection against hacks, you can see this design not from all manufacturers of this product.

This article told you about the Metal doors Professor. As well as the process of manufacturing this design, and what positive characteristics are present in this model. You learned about the fact that the professor’s doors are made in accordance with all standards of quality that meet not only the modern requirements of customers, but also make their home safe for living. Since they have an improved castle system that is not so easy to hack. And special insulation endowed the data of the doors of high heat, sound and sound insulation.

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