Western Union has resumed money transfers from the US to Cuba

The Western Union payment system has resumed money transfers from the United States to Cuba, which were interrupted at the end of January due to technical problems. This was reported by the digital publication Havana Times with reference to the American company of the same name.

According to the publication, the system of transfers from the United States to Cuba is again available from May 9. The statement noted that operations are resuming immediately in coordination with Western Union partner Orbit S.A.

“We understand that our system is an important link between those living in the United States and their families living in Cuba,” Western Union North and Latin America spokesman Rodrigo Garcia Estebarena said in a statement, without explaining why the transfers were interrupted. in the end of January. “We are pleased to resume our services in this vital corridor and ensure that essential remittances continue to flow to those living on the island,” he told the publication.

A Western Union representative previously said that money transfers from the United States to Cuba were stopped on January 28 due to technical problems. At the end of January, the republican authorities reported disruptions in the payment system, which was subject to a cyber attack from abroad.

Western Union suspended money transfers to Cuba in November 2020 due to US restrictions. Prior to this, the State Department announced the imposition of sanctions against the company American International Services, which deals with such transfers. Operations resumed in March 2023.