Self -planning of the future home

The construction of any house begins with the design of the future building. It is clear that in the age of computerization all drawings are performed exclusively in digital format. But there were not so many programs for architects and. This is because there are already two indisputable leaders in this direction on the market – Autocad and Brikskad.

The car call has long held the leader’s positions, but recently more and more users have been moving on to the main competitor – Brikskad. This is explained very simply – the first product is mainly intended for experienced users who have skills in architecture. Accordingly, the interface is designed that a person has certain knowledge and skills. But with the help of a brikskad, the layout of the future house can be performed even by a newcomer. Of course, such a drawing is not professional and cannot be used in the construction plan. But for myself, in order to calculate and understand what I want to get in the end – this is a great option.

To whom this program is suitable

Any PC user can use a bricksk office. Therefore, the sphere of product distribution concerns not only professional architects and engineers, but also lovers. For example, there is a summer house, and I would like to execute an extension to it. Since the construction of such a plan is usually carried out with your own hands, without attracting brigades, there is no need to hire an architect. Having BricScad on a computer, you can make a plan yourself.

The product is equipped with many elements, thanks to which the user has the opportunity not only to create a layout of the house, but even to develop the interior of the premises, to experiment with the situation using modules with furniture. Even if there is no goal to build an extension yourself, you can always hire specialists and provide them with a drawing of what you want to get. This will help save time, as well as funds for designers and architects.

Ease of use is achieved by an intuitive interface. No need to have great knowledge, all objects are selected from the catalog. This also applies to communications – electrical wiring, pipelines, heating systems, etc. D.

An additional advantage of this program will be an additional module for the arrangement of the house territory. It is easy to perform landscape design, mark the site, determine where there will be a garden, garden, garage.

In addition, the 3D modeling function is present in the Brikskad, which helps to make an overview of the resulting project from all sides. Such a set of functions has made a program popular in more than 70 countries, and it itself is translated into 17 languages.