Modern ways to protect the window opening

For the safety of housing, the windows are equipped with shutters, bars, roller. Some believe that all these elements, despite the usefulness, still spoil the appearance of the building. But the modern manufacturer has learned to combine functionality with aesthetics. Therefore, protective structures that can be seen on sale today fit perfectly into any architectural style of the building. Consider all types of window “armor”.


This is the oldest way to protect the window. It can be assumed that roller shutters and ordinary shutters are related structures. Even in those days when humanity instead of glass used mica, accessible only to rich and chosen, the shutters reliably protected the house from the sun of the wind, and in the cold edges served as additional thermal insulation. Classic shutters are wooden swing structures. They are still used to protect the window, and as a unique decorative element that can transform the exterior of the house.


Lattices are the most traditional protective design. Welded grilles made of metal rolling is the most budget option. And for those who prefer to see on their windows a more exquisite drawing, the manufacturer offers openwork lattices. The most exclusive products are performed using art forging. In addition to the manufacturing method, the lattices differ in the method of fastening. You can install a stationary version, a swing structure, sliding or removable.


It should be noted right away that the windows are a class of the most progressive ways to protect window openings. The canvas made of metal lamelles is twisted into a protective box, which is located in the upper part of the opening.

Installation of roller stanen is possible in several ways. The most popular – enrolling, that is, the box is built into the opening. This installation option is performed in cases where facade work has already been completed. But the box hanging over the opening is unlikely to add beauty windows. In addition, the resistance to hacking is also very conditional.

So that the roll canvas does not spoil the type of building, and it is also more hacking, the second installation option is used – the box is recessed in the opening. There are also disadvantages in this method, since the box takes the useful area of ​​the window, and from the inside it is visible.

For suburban construction, an ideal option will be the third type of installation, in which the box is hidden in a special niche above the opening.

The roller shutters for the store have gained great popularity. They are incredibly convenient to operate, have an aesthetic appearance and do a great job of protective functions.


This type of protection of the window opening is more like a canopy or an awning, whose functions include protection against precipitation and sunlight. Marques is most often installed on balconies, verandas, open areas in front of the house. The marquise design is a fabric canopy in combination with a folding mechanism operating from an electric drive. All hard details are made of aluminum alloys, so the marquises are always light, but at the same time resistant to weather cataclysms.