Types of snow retention systems

The snow retention system can consist of different elements of different in their design, as well as the degree of effectiveness.

Snow -holding grilles can be called the most popular elements of snow retention systems. These designs do a great job of their duties and are suitable for most roofing coatings.

Snow -holding tubes are usually used only on folding types of roofing device. Although they can be applied to other. The diameter of these tubes can be 10-25 mm.

Snow -holding tubels are auxiliary elements of snow retention systems. That is, they are installed as an addition to other elements. By the way, they are often called snowstorm. Most often, snowstorms have a color in the tone of the roofing. The main drawback of these devices is their relatively small height, due to which they can restrain only a small lower layer of snow. Simply put, they are not particularly effective. Although they can hold enough massive layers of cream snow.

Regardless of what system of snow retention is being discussed, it should always be selected in the tone of the roof and, in addition, it should harmoniously fit into its appearance.