Sliding window systems

Sliding windows is a great way to create coziness and comfort in your home, moreover, in most cases, it allows you to save space.

All sliding window systems can conditionally be divided into two groups – cold and warm. Cold systems are a design where all the wings move along the guide independent rails. These rails are part of the window profile, according to the principle of operation, they are very similar to wardrobes, where the door moves in a similar way. In order to make a window structure of this type more sealed, a brush seal is used, which is significantly inferior to the conventional design of the conventional structure, which is significantly used in PVC windows. In addition, in this system to open the sash, a lot of space will be required. Prices for sliding window systems of this type are lower than for warm. Most often, such structures use monosts, up to six millimeters thick or single -chamber double -glazed window (as maximum). The use of cold sliding window systems due to their properties is justified on balconies and loggias, where subsequent designs gland more hermetic.

Warm sliding systems for windows are considered a radically new level in glazing. Thanks to the special fittings, in them the sash of the window is put forward first to itself, and then without much effort moves to the neighboring sash or into the dull part of the window in the horizontal plane. The savings of the space are quite large. Allow such designs and install special accessories that will allow the window to translate into ventilation mode. High sound and thermal insulation is provided using a heater having a double circuit. Not only single -chamber, but also two -chamber double -glazed windows can be used in them. Warm systems for sliding windows – full glazing, when installing them on a balcony or loggia, you can increase the useful area of ​​the room due to them.