Why you shouldn’t throw away cash receipts

Having a cash receipt allows you to quickly and without hassle return or exchange previously purchased goods.

Any cash receipt is essentially a paper form of a sales contract. It reflects the date and place of the purchase of a product or service, their cost, and also records the fulfillment of obligations to sell.

In this regard, the expert recommended that Russians keep grocery receipts for up to a couple of days, receipts for clothing for two weeks, and receipts for large household appliances should be kept for at least three years.

Checks are also useful when dividing marital property. With their help, you can confirm not only the cost of the goods, but also the date of purchase, and sometimes the source of funds for payment. In some cases, it is possible to prove that the item was acquired before marriage.

When determining the amount of alimony in a fixed amount, the check will confirm expenses for the child: visiting clubs and sections, providing medical care, the expert said, and explained why you should not throw away payment documents.