Gresting for a summer cottage from a grid – rabits

One of the most important and first questions that the summer resident or the owner of the land should be asked, along with the conduct of electricity, water, various communications, is the fence of its territory. Currently, the fence in the personal plot performs not only a protective and aesthetic function, but can also contribute to stimulation of plant growth and development, have high operational characteristics, and also enter a low price segment. This type of fence is perhaps the most convenient and common, and is called a grid – rabitsa.

Grid – rabits can be a wide variety of technical parameters, a step of cells, is released with a different coating and an arbitrary size of the material. The net is supplied with rolls or ready -made canvases, and with its help you can designate absolutely any area of ​​the area. The grid fence is almost invisible to the eyes. The use of grid – rabits in a area with a garden or garden allows plants to get sunlight in full, which has a beneficial effect on their growth and development. In addition, a grid – rabitsa can become the basis for creating a “living hedge” from climbing plants in the summer.

The most practical and durable is steel galvanized mesh. Such a mesh has resistance to mechanical damage and does not require regular painting. The most impractical fence option is a metal grid without zinc coating-rapidly developing corrosion leads, as a rule, to the fact that after a couple of years the fence turns into a rusty and curly wire.

Installation of a fence from a grid – rabitsa is quite simple. The design consists of supporting pillars-walls (up to2 m high), separated by a distance of 2-3 meters, and, directly by the net itself. Based on the features of the soil, the pillars can either simply be scored into the ground by 50-80 cm, or pour concrete. Support pillars placed at the corners must be strengthened additionally. A tree can be selected as a material for supporting pillars, or for example, metal pipes. To pull the metal mesh, several holes are made in the pillars, through which the supporting wire is carried out. If finished sections are used, then they can be attached to the pillars using special bolts, or by welding. This option looks more attractive, and often it turns out stronger than tightening the nets of the grid.

Installation and installation of the grid – rabitsa takes only a couple of days, after which you can forget about the fence for a long time.

When installing a fence made of mesh – rabits, you should pay attention to the height of the fence, t. To. It is the height of the metal mesh that largely determines how the summer cottage will look like (either as a well -groomed cottage, or how a regime object).

An economical and almost weightless fence will protect your cottage from undesirable penetration of unauthorized persons and animals, ensure the normal growth and development of plants in your site, perfectly complement the country life.