The ceiling in the living room

When repairing in the living room, the ceiling should be considered a more fundamental element. In this matter, you need to be especially careful. The fact is that we are accustomed to direct the main light flow from above, it means that the lamps need to be placed on the ceiling. To do this, you can use spotlights in combination with a chandelier. Only one chandelier is possible, and it is possible to create lighting only from only point lamps.

Moreover, everyone will be the quality of different lighting. Despite the prestigious trends, a great preference in the lighting of the living room also needs to be given to the lampshades and chandeliers that gives a dull, bewildered beacon. It can be supplemented with a floor lamp or buy a sconce in Kyiv and a table lamp.

A lot of level light helps to divide the places into zones, betray the comfort and unique feeling of your living room.

The ceiling can be mounted a lot of levels, apply painting, stucco molding, or simple whitewashing. Undoubtedly, it is worth mentioning that now designers add natural wood, panels, special tiles and different other methods to the ceiling. Particular attention now deserves the ceilings of stretch.

The method of any finish should be made masterfully and good.