Protection of wooden buildings

Summer vacation in the country should not be overshadowed by questions of everyday nature. However, in order to protect yourself from unforeseen expenses, and your real estate is from premature aging, it is better to take care of a country house in advance.

Preparing for the rest outside the city, we are used to protecting ourselves and our loved ones from nature surprises. For example, so that insects do not interfere with sunbathing, playing or just walking, we use the best remedy for mosquitoes. If it rains, we will take an umbrella or put on a cloak. Exactly the same protection is required by summer houses, sheds and baths. They will last much longer if they protect them from the vagaries of the weather in advance.

Already at the stage of building a house, you can influence its future safety. Firstly, the design should be designed so that the joints and seams are protected as much as possible from the hit of direct rain jets. Secondly, you need to choose logs and boards that are already treated with antiseptics, since in the joints and grooves of the already assembled house it will not be possible to carry out processing. There is a special impregnation for wood that protects it from decay, fire or harmful insects. Bio -protection of a tree creates a film that prevents the development of microorganisms. Your wooden buildings are threatened not only by decay from excessive effects of moisture, but also by mushrooms, molds, fiber beetles, and treewide beetles. Regular treatment with an antiseptic will help to stop their vital activity inside the tree. The development of these organisms in the walls of houses not only spoils the appearance, but also harms the strength of the structures. For example, logs linked to insects may not withstand severity and collapse.

Another mandatory task solved by each summer resident is a fire protection of a tree. For this purpose, the compositions are produced – antipyrers that interfere with the easy fire of buildings and prevent, if necessary, the spread of fire. Often, fire -retardant mixtures also contain biological protection from decay and mold.

Protection for a country house can be combined with its repair. You can update buildings and simultaneously protect them from various external aggressors using a protective and decorative decoration system. It includes not only paint and antiseptic, but also a primer. The paint can be either covering, that is, completely paint over the tree, or liring, that is, leave the tree its natural texture. Thus, for one painting two problems are solved at once: a spectacular appearance and protection. In terms of its properties, such a composition does not differ from ordinary paint, for example, you can add a 646 solvent to it and bring to the desired consistency.