Pile-screw foundation

Installation of a pile-screw foundation is carried out in a short time using a minimum of equipment or even at all, manually. Consider the technology of installation of a pile-screw foundation itself. The complexity and cost of installation work depends on the scale of construction, the features of the project of the building being built, its mass, geometry. With low -rise construction, the installation of screw piles can be performed manually, and during the construction of larger objects, of course, it is necessary to resort to the use of installation special equipment. At the initial stage, markings are made for the future foundation. At the development point should not run under the ground of pipelines, electric cables. The piles must be twisted into the soil to a small depth and leveled strictly vertically in level. To do this, you need a trumpet three -plane level. With it, you will achieve perfect accuracy.

For screwing screw piles manually as a rule. use a lever key or bar. Their dimensions are different and vary depending on the features of the operation of the structure and its purpose. The process of screwing screw piles, even small size is very laborious. To facilitate work, of course, it is necessary to use special equipment. The technique will accelerate and facilitate work. Thus, it should be compared, which is more important, the most affordable, fast – automatic or more economical – manual version of installation of screw piles.