Typical errors that are made when installing stairs

In order for the stairs to serve faithfully for its owners for many years, it is necessary to approach its design correctly.

Firstly, the staircase must be designed at the stage of planning the future two-story housing. Many homeowners believe that a simple sketch is enough at the initial stage, and a detailed design of the structure can be done after the construction is completed. This is an erroneous opinion. To develop a project at home and stairs, the services of a professional who have appropriate experience are needed. The building will already be built, and it turns out that not a single model of the staircase will fit into the opening, it will not be possible to choose the necessary ratio of the size of the drooping and an approach, the main parameters of the entire structure that provide comfortable movement along it.

Secondly, when planning the stairs, it is necessary to take into account the properties of the material from which the walls are laid out, which are the basis for fastening the supporting staircases. They must be durable, created from concrete, brick or timber, without thin partitions.

The third mistake is that the location of the stairs is not thought out relative to windows, heating and water supply pipes, wiring. You can not install stairs over heating equipment. It is necessary to take into account the level of humidity in the room and its various areas. In the northern part of the house near the walls, there is a higher humidity, so there is no need to install the staircase there. Or, in extreme cases, it is necessary to provide ventilation between such a wall and the staircase.

And, the latter, when designing the stairs, take into account the fact that the new building gives a shrinkage within a few months, or even years. Therefore, walls can be deformed. This is also facilitated by the movement of soil. Recently, soil tests are often carried out by specialists. All these problems can only be taken into account by a specialist who will offer the best option for installing the stairs in a particular house.