Equipment used in the arrangement of the ventilation system

The ventilation system includes many different elements, including complex equipment. Such equipment includes air filters, heating elements, adjusting devices, noise lords and air separation devices.

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By the way, to reduce the noise of the ventilation system, tubular and lamellar shecasics are used. They are mounted exactly between the main air duct and the ventilation installation. The use of a particular variety of the noise lord is determined by conducting a special analysis of acoustic noise.

The main elements of almost all types of ventilation systems are a fan. Such fans are divided into tangential and centrifugal. The former consists of a working wheel with bent blades. The fan housing of this type has a pipe and a diffuser at the output.

The second, namely centrifugal fans have a shoulder blade wheel, which is located in a special working casing. In the course of the operation of such fans, the air moves strictly in the radial direction. The shoulder fans can be bent back and forth, and with regard to their quantity, it can vary depending on what purposes and which ventilation systems are intended.