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The roller shutters are a type of blinds, the plates of which are made of metal and are able to turn into a roll, moving along the guides.

The main thing that favorably distinguishes the roller shutters from simple blinds, this is a wide area of ​​application. In addition to protecting the house from light, prying eyes, dust, noise, roller shutters can protect the house from illegal penetration, and the steel doors and windows themselves from vandals themselves.

For the most part, the installation of roller shows is carried out on top of the windows, doors and gates. A remarkable difference from the graters widely used in our country is that the emergency shows do not spoil the facade of the structure and can, if necessary, be removed with ease. It is worth noting that the process of lowering and raising can be carried out both automatically and manually. The use of such a product helps to improve noise and thermal insulation.

Often the details of such structures are processed by a protective coating made of vinyl, which helps to diversify the colors, turning the roller shutters into an important element of decor. Given the large number of functions performed, the roller shutters do not have serious competitors. In addition to traditional rectangular performance, such products can have forms: trapezoids, arches and triangles. The roller shows are equipped with panels of panoramic roofs, first floors, cash desks, etc. D.

Roller shutters are very simple, they are a reliable design that practically does not require maintenance. The design of such a product is based on, usually such metals as steel and aluminum are used. Small mass, small size, excellent characteristics of protection against heat and noise loss – all these are roller shutters made of aluminum.