Characterization of concrete as building materials

It is difficult to imagine any structure without concrete. Even if the house is built of other building material – the foundation, as a rule, is concrete. Let’s talk about this material in more detail.

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Concrete – a set of stone particles fastened together using a concrete solution. If particles of the same size and are distributed evenly, then such concrete is called homogeneous. To give the material additional strength, it is reinforced. This type is called reinforced concrete. To increase thermal insulation properties, concrete of a porous structure is made, this, foam concrete. Air bubbles significantly reduce its thermal conductivity.

The quality of concrete characterizes its strength and density.

Strength – the value of resistance during compression.

Density – the ratio of the mass of concrete to its volume. The large mass with a constant volume, the denser concrete.

Concrete density and strength, not always interconnected. Using modifiers, lighter concrete can be much stronger than its heavier analogue.

The price of concrete depends on the brand of cement, stone base, as well as on the presence and cost of various chemical additives. Before choosing concrete of the desired type, decide on its target purpose. Foam concrete is not suitable for a strong foundation, and reinforced concrete does not have good heat -insulating characteristics.