Pros and cons of gas boilers

So far, gas is the cheapest and economical type of fuel. Therefore, if you have a question about gasification, and the house is already connected to the gas pipeline, then the gas boiler is the best choice. Of course, like all products, boilers have a number of advantages and disadvantages. Let’s dwell on them so that you can calmly and deliberately make your choice.

The advantages, or pluses, the installations of gas boilers are: firstly, since the main gas is given without interruptions, the boiler is very easy to operate. Secondly, it has a fairly high efficiency of useful action with economical fuel. And, finally, the gas boiler heats the room absolutely regardless of its size, so it is suitable for heating quite large rooms and objects.

Disadvantages, or minuses, boilers will be: the first – collecting a certain package of documents and permits. In our bureaucratic state, we must strictly monitor the norms established by the law when installing such boilers. Therefore, it will often have to be elementary to “negotiate” because the gas refers to substances life -threatening, and no one wants to contact this. Second – it is considered dangerous in terms of gas of gas the presence of an open flame and an accumulation of a large number of people. The third-due to frequent interruptions in the pressure of gas entering gas pipelines, there is a danger of either the evaporation of the burner itself (with its insufficient flame), or overheating of the boiler (with a high flame of the burner). By the solution of this drawback, it may be a purchase of a special remote burner. The fourth drawback is one of the most important – the correct placement of the boiler. After all, even before installation, it is necessary to consider compliance with the conditions necessary when installing a boiler in the room. This is good ventilation, and a chimney with access to the street, and the supply of oxygen, which is necessary for combustion of the burner. It is also important to monitor the placement of the boiler – it should not be pressed against the wall or clamped between the two walls.