Advantages of wooden double -glazed windows

Very often, people turn to the office premises of window companies to advise them about the choice of windows, and also calculate their cost. But these are not the most important issues that need to be solved when choosing new windows. What exactly is worth paying attention to when choosing them, we will talk in our article.

Look at modern windows … First of all, you will see wings and frame. Different materials are used for the manufacture of shutters and frames, but, as a rule, it is wood and plastic. Depending on the material used, the windows are wooden and plastic. Glass Packets are glasses that are interconnected in one structure, after which they are mounted in a sash or frame. Therefore, we need to talk about a wooden window, not a double -glazed window from a bar.

Features of wooden double -glazed windows

Under wooden double -glazed windows currently, experts mean high -quality wooden windows. Many large companies that have their own sites are engaged in their sale. Here you can not only decide on the choice of double -glazed windows, but you can also consult a specialist. With it, it will be easier for you to choose double -glazed windows for your window openings, so you save time.

Wooden double -glazed window is the main detail of the window, because it is it that takes up to 80 percent of the area. First of all, it determines the noise -insulating and heat -insulating properties of the window. Depending on the number of glasses, double -glazed windows are two – and three -chamber. In the first case, two glasses are used, in the second – three. The last double -glazed window is more effective and economical, it reliably protects the room from strong winds, noise, rain, frost, etc.

In the production of wings and frames from wood, a beam of three lamellas is used. They are located in such a way that the fibers in them “look” in different directions. Thanks to this, it is possible to avoid deformation of the windows, as well as increase their service life. For the manufacture of a thicket of everything, beech, larch, oak and pine is used. A decrease in the cost of windows made of woods can be made of cheaper woods. Wooden windows made of four lamella beams are considered more expensive.

Do not forget that modern euro -windows made of wood are made of environmentally friendly materials, so they can be used in children’s rooms. We wish to buy high -quality wooden windows and moderate price!