Choose a brick for a fireplace in the house

For laying a fireplace, the quality of brick in the house plays an important role. There are many different types of bricks on the construction market. Some prefer foreign manufacturers, others-to their local factories. But also at one plant can be produced by various types of bricks in quality and strength. And only people who are versed in this matter can determine the quality of the brick.

A ceramic brick is best for a fireplace in the house. The Verkhnevolzhsky brick factory makes high -quality ceramic brick, satisfying all the requirements of the material from which fireplaces are made. The cost of the VVKZ brick and a wide range are pleasantly pleasing to buyers.

Several ways to check the quality of bricks:

Checking the structure of the cut. You need to split the brick into two hours. The chip should be of one uniform color and have no extra additions. The dark core of brick says that during production it was allowed to burn. This is the most common defect.

Checking brick for sound. It is necessary to deliver a weak blow with a conventional hammer or a pickle on the plane of brick, while holding it by weight. If a chirus or hammer bounces from brick and there will be a sonorous sound, then the brick inside has no defects and cracks. With a dull sound, one can state the fact that there are cracks inside the brick, that during the heating of the fireplace, it can lead to the destruction of brick.

Inspection of brick. It is necessary to examine the brick on the presence of cracks externally. The presence of small cracks and grooves of a filamentary shape is permissible. But the presence of serious defects visually determine very easy.

Choosing a brick for a fireplace, it is important to remember that only the highest quality and strongest material is necessary, since it should withstand high temperatures.