How to choose good decorative plaster?

When the wall insulation has already been carried out, you can start finishing work. Often, plaster is used as a coating. This is a special layer that smoothes and levels the surface. Plaster is intended to prepare walls for painting or pasting with wallpaper. It is necessary that the mixture be of high quality and corresponds as the basis as, for example, KVIC mix. To give the walls a form that corresponds to the general design of the structure, one of the varieties of monolithic plaster should be applied – decorative.

What should be taken into account?

The main element of decorative plaster is the binder. This mixture is made based on:

Lime. This is a traditional material that is tested by time. To prepare the solution, it is necessary to mix lime milk and river sand. It is desirable that he be a large fraction. In finished mixtures, manufacturers add synthetic fibers that serve for reinforcement.

Acrylic. It is distinguished by high elasticity and adhesion. Such plaster is considered very resistant to different atmospheric influences.

Polymer -cement. This mixture is modified by adding polymer, which significantly increase the properties of the plaster layer.

Silicone resins. Has increased resistance to atmospheric influences and various mechanical damage. Such a coating will not be rotted.

Decorative plaster is in great demand due to ease of use and reliability in operation. A well -chosen option will make the surface of the walls even and smooth. Thanks to the variety of textures, absolutely any style can be recreated in the room.