We build a reliable foundation for the home

Before building the foundation, it is necessary to carry out geological research. This refers to the definition of the composition and properties of the soil. To do this, on the site are drilled gaps. Conduct water analysis. If it is planned to build a wooden house, then the cracks of a five-meter depth are made, if the house is built stone or brick-seven to ten meters. The openings are made in the corners of the built house. The most important data is the level of groundwater, and, of course, the depth to which the soil freezes. This information will determine whether the project of this area responds and dictates what kind of foundation should be laid. The depth to which the soil freezes depends on the characteristics of the region. This parameter has its own “regional standards”. That is why it is useful to have data about work that were carried out in the nearest areas mastered professionally.

Before erecting the base, a layer of sand is poured to the bottom of the pit, ten to twenty centimeters thick, having previously increased the foundation pit to the same depth. Actually, masonry, as a rule, is done on a cement mortar (one part of the volume of cement and seven to nine parts of the sand) or lime-cement (one part of cement, the same amount of lime and eight parts of the sand). Work on the construction of the foundation is as follows. Brush the crushed stone of the limestone ten to twenty -five centimeters, pour it with a solution and thoroughly trim it. Then they fall asleep the next gravel layer, pour it with solution, trim and so on. About twenty centimeters without reaching the ground, begins a masonry or brickwork or pour concrete solution into the formwork.

It is unacceptable to build a base located in the ground exclusively on a lime solution – it will quickly collapse. Also, such work cannot be carried out at minus temperature. If the pit is not deeper than one and a half meters, its walls must be made vertical. Masonry of strip foundations and individual pillars is carried out, filling out the open space. If you arrange supports of wood, the size of the pit should contain a layer of sand, as well as a cross -cutter located at the bottom. Building a foundation is a real art if you look at it through the eyes of a professional. Remember that only a good foundation will make your house a real fortress!