Red brick cottages

Probably the most popular building material for cottages is a red brick.

There are a large number of varieties of red brick, but let’s divide it into two large groups:

– Brick red building standard

– brick red building facing.

If you are building a red brick cottage using facing brick, then there is no need to carry out external plastering work, this generally reduces the cost of construction and gives your cottage a magnificent appearance.

But construction technologies go forward and here it is necessary to stop at one, an important moment from European technologies. You have to pay expensive for energy, and Europe came up with a magnificent energy -saving technology. Having built a cottage made of standard red brick, you can renew it with foam using modern technologies, and then apply a thin layer of plaster. 5 centimeter foam gives approximately the same heat isolation as brickwork, 1 meter bus. Consider this circumstance when designing your cottage, because you are building not for 2-3 years, but for tens and hundreds of years!