Commercial real estate from a creative point of view

Almost every business and modern person never needs to explain that a store or boutique will be able to pay off much faster, only if it is built directly in a place where there are many people. As for the main office, a sufficiently solid company, it should be directly located only in the most prestigious quarter of the city. But not always such factors, if they adhere to exactly, can only be of continuous benefit.

For example, let’s look at the situation that develops with commercial real estate located in crowded places. The most golden rule of the existing modern office real estate suggests that the more people will pass by your establishment every day, the better it will be, and the more customers you can attract to your work. On the one hand, it is really very difficult to argue with such a statement. But on the other hand, we do not need a large stream of people stupidly passing us by. We need this number of passers -by does not pass by, but on the contrary, come to us.

In fact, many experts adhere to such an opinion that a large stream of people every day is far from being good, and even more so you cannot be considered a big advantage. The most important thing in this matter is not only a large number of passers -by, but also their needs, interests, preferences, as well as a certain way of life. That is, in other words, if you have a store for young mothers in a crowded place, say, you will just have a large stream of people. Because, among such an amount, pregnant women who want to purchase something will be very rare. Therefore, the most important rule of doing business is that your store or office is necessary, first of all, to focus on the large stream of the target audience, that is, the one for which your services or your goods may be needed.

There are also such types of business for which very crowded places can be simply contraindicated. For example, if you are the owner of some elite boutique with expensive things, then you should not have your own store, say, on the station area. This eternal mud, a large number of dubious passers -by, onlookers, and so on, will only have a negative impact on your image and prestige of your store.