Italian bedrooms from Newline

New-Minino company provides direct supply of furniture from the best Italian manufacturers for individual orders. Among the range of furniture, the bedrooms of Italy occupy a special place, made in exclusive performance in full accordance with the preferences and wishes of customers.

Italian bedrooms are amazing with a variety of styles and directions-Baroque, Art Deco, Renaissance, Modern, Neoclassics and so on. It will not be difficult to choose a headset for a specific interior. The company’s specialists will help create an individual design project for your home, in which the bedroom will become the real pride of the hosts. Despite the fact that it is not customary to demonstrate the bedroom to the guests, mood and even well -being largely depend on its situation, since it is in the bedroom that we gain strength and rest after a hard day, and so we enrage with positive energy when awakening. The bedrooms from Italy have everything that is so appreciated by experts in high -quality furniture – strength, durability, meticulous approach to the manufacture of each part, manual trim, the most expensive types of materials used. Unrivaled style, quality, luxury – all these are Italy bedrooms on exclusive orders.

In the demonstration hall of the company New Line is a small fraction of the proposed assortment. Italian bedrooms are supplied directly to the customer’s house. Moreover, delivery can be carried out anywhere in the country, as well as to Belarus and Kazakhstan. A two -year guarantee is provided for the entire assortment, and a thorough pre -sale preparation is also carried out, so customers are guaranteed to receive furniture of the highest quality without defects that can arise during the transportation process.