Split systems

SPLL system consists of an internal and external unit. The main task so that the block is not installed in a room with high humidity, and the sun’s rays did not affect it. The air must pass through the evaporator freely. The inner unit will divert condensate, it will form from chilled air.

How to install an external block. Its location should be so that during its work, the noise does not interfere with you, and the warmth that is excreted from your premises can “drain”. The external block of the air conditioner should at least slightly harmonize with the house. If you do not want to display the external block out, then you can install it on the facade, for example, install it on the floor on the loggia, or the balcony. He will not attract attention. But the loggia should not be glazed, otherwise the air conditioner will not be able to function. Since the temperature will be high, this will lead to improper operation of the air conditioner and may completely be disabled.

In new buildings, special niches for air conditioners are now assigned. This is very convenient and comfortable, and therefore residents do not need to rack their heads over where they need to put an external block. If you have an old house, then just install it outside the window.