Lombard “Regal Clock”: A quick and profitable ransom of Swiss watches

Money, in particular large, require special handling with them. And all wealthy people know how to do this, as well as find the benefits in everything. So, before buying new elite hours, which are a traditional symbol of prestige and financial status, why not sell your old? After all, they will not gather dust idle, and additional money will never hurt. However, such a transaction should be carried out only in trusted institutions. And it is such a pawnshop of the Swiss watches “Regal Clock”.

The main benefits

This salon works exclusively with elite class products. This is a watch of Swiss origin of famous brands. The latter include Vacheron Constantin, Alian Silberstain, Rolex, Piaget, Omega and many others. The Regal Clock Salon guarantees that the transaction will take place on the most favorable terms for the client, without fraud and long paperwork.

And everything will happen according to the following scheme:

First, the product is evaluated, and very quickly. After all, the salon understands that the owners of such hours are very busy people. In addition, this procedure is free and is carried out at the expense of a pawnshop. It is carried out by experts who are well versed in such a product and know their value. The rating can also be ordered separately by phone or via the Internet, by filling out forms of application.

After that, the pawnshop is ready to redeem your Swiss watches. It will be necessary to attach any document to the product. Money is issued immediately in cash.

Thus, the Regal Clock pawnshop is a great option for selling any and even broken elite watches. And the salon itself is in a very convenient place-this is the Kutuzovsky business center G. Krasnodar, which will allow many busy businessmen not to leave work for a long time.