House inside an abandoned quarry

The house is located inside an abandoned quarry, which has already been covered with a certain layer of soil and vegetation. The house is located inside the ravine. This site would not be in demand for the construction of a private house in any country, but the architects made such a project that this ravine was an advantage, not a lack. In the end of the building – panoramic, windows that occupy the main area of ​​the facade, but the side windows are not so large, since they reach the slopes of the ravine. The walls themselves are lined with brown panels, which have a small shade from each other, the house is raised above the surface of the ravine. Zuma is concreted and aligned, it is used as a car park. In house 2 entrance – one entrance is located below through the basement, the second entrance along the suspended bridges from the slope of the ravine – right on the second floor of the house. The internal space is separated by several walls, but the main idea is not to separate the space inside, but to use it integral. The living room is located in the center of the building and framed by glass walls. The sewage system is made according to the autonomous scheme.