Industrial ventilation – projects and redevelopment –

On serious objects, it is always necessary to install high -quality devices, and do not save on trifles. For example, the first thing you need is industrial ventilation. The climate indoors should be ideal not only for staff, but also for numerous devices that should not fail in advance.

The structure of industrial ventilation itself varies in different companies, but there are also common features, which are best known in advance. First, check the air valve. It is usually placed on the street side. If the installation is turned off at night or just during prevention, but cold air will not be able to penetrate any way. Such pieces can always be found and a return spring with which everything is very easily controlled. Using the filter, powerful filtration of all contaminants in the air occurs. There are various types of filters. The most common include primary cleaning filters, thin cleaning filters, high efficiency filters and ultra -high efficiency filters. They all have a variety of forms and designs, but in general they work according to one scenario, making the space inside safe and clean.

Next, you can also mention the recuperator. It is extremely necessary in all newfangled devices. He transfers heat from exhaust air to the supply. They differ in rotary, cross-flow and with an intermediate coolant. After that, attention is paid to the heater. It is placed immediately after the recuperator, allowing you to grasp the air to the correct temperature in the winter period. Heaters are divided into electric, freon, liquid and gas. After it, the cooler is already put.

He already works in the summer in the summer, when people on the street can simply die from the heat, and a decent comfortable temperature will always remain in the room. There is also an air drainage process. The heart of the installation is a fan. Modern devices can already be adjusted according to a variety of parameters from the speed of rotation to the intervals. To bring the last touch to the system, do not forget about the noise lords. They try to hide all the work of this bulky system from the ears of a person behind special muffins. Length, they rarely exceed 2 meters.