Note on the tile

To date, many argue that tiles are ceramic tiles “covered with icing”. This material is the most practical and durable material for wall decoration and floor. Even compared with reinforced concrete, the strength of the tile is 10-20 times higher. And the rigidity of the material will ensure the lack of deformation, given even high load loads. Thanks to fire resistance and refractory, the tiles became the best material for wall decoration in saunas and baths. Moreover, when heated, the material does not distinguish any toxic vapors, since environmentally clean. Ceramics are resistant to all chemicals, except for fluoro-hydrogen acid, which must be noted. The tile is capable of maintaining a hygienic state, due to the condition of regular washing to destroy bacteria. This material is completely moisture resistant and is not afraid of raw rooms. Moreover, today, quality, together with a designer aesthetic look, makes it possible to use the tile to arrange a bathroom, kitchen and other rooms with an original and stylishly.

If, during the laying of the craftsman, the master will perform everything in accordance with the building and technical rules, then the promotion will inevitably show an excellent aesthetic and high -quality result, which will prove itself in durability. And the joint ratio of quality, price and aesthetic species will make it possible not to worry about the next repair. For the bathroom, the most suitable tile flowers are considered blue, green, white, beige, and today the combination of light and dark tones in the form of geometric transitions from one tone to another is relevant to date.