How to equip a small children’s room for a boy and for a girl

The child grows very fast. And very soon he will need a separate room where he can play, study and rest. How to equip a children’s room, competently combining all the necessary areas? The task is difficult, but fulfilling.

Choosing the location

If possible, it is better for children to give the room that receives the maximum amount of sunlight during the day. The sun is very useful for a child: its rays contribute to the production of vitamin D, kill pathogens and ticks. In addition, the room should not be cold. The exit to the balcony is also not welcome: it is unsafe for the life and health of the inquisitive man.

Furniture for the nursery

What furniture should be in the child’s room?

Bed. Not a sofa or chair, but a full -fledged bed. With a good orthopedic mattress. A full and healthy sleep is very important for a child. And how can you get enough sleep on an uncomfortable (albeit very practical) sofa! To equip a small nursery for two children, you can purchase a bunk bed. This option will significantly save space.

Closet. Choose multifunctional models. The child should be able to independently put his things in the closet, hide his toys there or put your favorite books on shelves. Parents are not always nearby, but to climb a fairy tale, substituting chairs, not quite safe. The best option is a wardrobe: the opening doors do not occupy such a precious space.

Table. The child should have his own desk and a convenient chair that corresponds to the growth of the baby. Since children grow rapidly, you can buy transformer furniture. The main condition is the minimum number of protruding elements and sharp corners, strength and stability.

This is the main set of furniture for the children’s room. It is better not to force the remaining space: the child should be able to play freely.

Additional accessories. No need to fill the room of your child with clay pots, crystal vases or tea sets. This is unsafe for both the child and for things.

Baby zoning

To equip a nursery for a boy or for a girl, you need to think through several main zones in advance:

– game Zone;

– zone for sleep and rest;

– Learning and classes zone.

This division is due to age -related features: when resting or studying, the child should not be distracted by toys.

To allocate zones in the room, all furniture items are arranged in different places. If the dimensions of the room allow, you can additionally make floor shelves-breeds or put small catwalks. Another zoning method is a different color scheme of walls or floor.


Bright colors in the design of a room for a child fill it with good and positive energy. Dark color depresses and reduces activity. No need to be afraid to experiment: you can equip a nursery for a girl not only in pink color. And for the boy – in blue. The color spectrum is rich and diverse. But toxic shades must be avoided.