Equipment for commercial real estate

LG Elecrtronics in Korea is a leader in the field of telephony, while performing evolution in IP communication. IPLDK system in Russia produced a large splash in 2005. Until now, it enjoys authority in the Bolginism of organizations that have chosen the mini APC LG IP LDK. This was the reason for starting evolution in the field of creating infrastructure, which is engaged in the transfer of data. And to this day the LG strategy – to be in the five manufacturers of high -speed and high -quality mini -power plants LG. Mini ATS LG-Nortel IPLDK is an excellent confirmation of the company’s leadership and fully justifies the investment, which is included in the communication systems that exist today. The IP LDK telecommunications system is a novelty in the field of creating a mini Pion for LG Nortel, taking into account support of IP technologies.

Mini ATS LG are developed specifically for organizations at various levels. Therefore, these new items are an excellent solution for small or medium -sized enterprises, as well as the largest corporations.

The use of mini-Nortel mini-NTS greatly simplifies users, thanks to the automatic choice of city lines, which are instituted in mini-ATS in order to make calls in different directions with the most optimal call route for calls. Therefore, the use of office mini ACTs is perfect for budget organizations: schools, hospitals, factories, factories. They reliably provide wireless communication and have an expanded coating. Remote access for programming mini ATS and subsequent maintenance of the ATS also emphasizes the possibility of their use in various sectors of activity.

For small businesses, the Mini ARIA SOHO, digital ATS LG IPLDK-60 are optimal models. Also, these models will be able to perfectly cope with the role of the station station, using a complete set of functions, which causes great demand in Russia. The main advantages in this case are the simplicity of installation and management, scalability, the possibility of configuration, versatility, as well as many other qualities.

The IPLDK-100 ATC is the most suitable for medium-sized businesses, and the IPLDK-300 Mini ATS models or IPLDK-600 PSC will cope with loads in large organizations and enterprises.

Given the forecasts of marketers, we can expect the rapid growth of the IP stations segment, due to the high benefit of their use in large enterprises, due to the fact that the Mini ATC LG can provide customers with a high level of quality of quality.