Let’s talk about digital photo printing on ceramic tiles

This is a great opportunity to decorate the main material and there are secrets here. For all plastered walls, a pattern is easily suitable, and such work on the tile is complex. There are ready -made sets with plots that look great, but sometimes I want to create your image.

Photography today will allow using technology to capture any wall space and take more photos of very large sizes on them. Such topics are rare, since not everyone wants to see a personal portrait constantly, but classic images are constantly ordered. For a kitchen interior, a composition of bouquets and dry herbs is often used, and ready -made dishes and other options look so wonderful. And you know that now they often began to use a stove for hardening glass of them for this are high -quality.

Such a seal should not stand out against the background of the decor and harmoniously fit into the style. Country here can be strengthened by accurate repetition on the walls of bouquets from dry herbs along with their real ikebana on the table. It is modern enough to decorate the bathroom here, where oriental motifs or Roman topics look luxurious. However, this is not suitable for everyone in price, as this also includes piles of columns or benches, which already carries a certain load on the basics and the elite is available.

Here an image with an optical effect comes to the rescue and creates a reality of traveling to hammams or Roman terms. It can not only show interior details, but also create frescoes with colorful drawings here or create stone walls. You can also come up with stucco ornaments or their similar decor stories. The advantages of such material are protection against moisture, and you can safely enjoy relaxation in the shower without fear that everything will quickly deteriorate.