Projects of houses from timber – what to stop at?

Country construction of buildings is currently quite frequent, wooden houses from timber have a significant place on this large commercial field. For the most part, this is a consequence of the naturalness, reliability, external and other features of the material for the construction. Residence in such a mansion is peculiar, incomparable: inside it breathes with ease, and the dream is very strong.

The uniqueness of building materials from the beam in their breathability, the possibilities, depending on the time of year, save warmth or pleasant coolness. Due to the low ability to thermal conductivity, it becomes possible to reduce costs, because the walls of the house from the turnkey beam will be even thinner than many suggest-only 15-30 cm. The weight of building material from the beam is much less than, for example, raw materials from brick, so there is no need to build an expensive foundation for the building. Many fans of naturalness and naturalness will surely decide to buy a house from timber without executing the interior decoration, on which they will save part of the cash.

At the same time, you will manage to celebrate the first days in a new wooden house from a bar for three or even two months ahead of time, compared with a brick building. Generally speaking, if you compare the bastard building materials with others, then it does not lose in endurance against weather conditions and any possible deformations. If you touch the fire hazard, turnkey houses have long been saved by specially designed compounds not only against fire, but also from harmful termites and other insects.

If you have doubts about the reliability and safety of these drugs, then we want to assure you that innovative methods of their manufacture provide an opportunity to get rid of any harm to health. Nowadays, a large number of people prefer to buy a house from a beam, because they know about its useful environmental advantages. It is even useful to live in these buildings, this fact has been tested more than once by real cases. Unusual substances, phytoncides, not only trees, but all plants have; It is their disinfectant properties that differ in a good effect on the interior. As a result, there are no pathogenic viruses and microbes in wood houses, and poor “aromas” disappear in a short time. The construction of houses from the beam is the right solution to the housing issue, because in the end you will not only gain a summer cottage, but indestructible, a solid, beneficial, which affects the health of the home.

In the same Vermie, the construction of baths from the beam is also commonly fought, yet they are characterized by absolutely the same useful properties as wooden dachas. The climatic background of the bended baths is actually unusual, fans of recreation in the country cannot but agree with this. A special method for creating a brown building material slightly increases the prices for it. With all this, a relatively small weight, low thermal conductivity and ease of assembly markedly reduce the cost of building houses from a bar. And the real brigades of workers, not the first year familiar with the details of their service, will help in optimizing the project of the future country house. A wide variety of architectural styles lends itself to brown building material, this is its considerable dignity.

At this time, the housing construction market is replete with a proposal for projects of houses from timber, which differ in the difficulties of embodiment. Start collecting a summer bath or turnkey house is allowed in any month, this is a very fleeting process. Landscaping, warmth, safety, efficiency, aesthetics – how can one be indifferent in front of the house from the beam.