Granite and marble products

Granite steps

Today, the use of granite is limitless, since the material meets all the main properties of building material, and its main quality is its strength. Thanks to qualities as strength and durability, builders appreciate it. And this material is also recognized as safe and environmentally friendly raw materials.

Granite is considered a very persistent material and is often used to create columns, massive tables and make steps. Keywords Granite Steps Keywords are two types:

a step with a misconduct;

The whole step.

Granite steps are mainly used in interior solutions, and under them it is necessary to make a load -bearing structure of metal. Whole steps are most often used in exterior solutions. A specially prepared base of soil or the natural slope of the landscape is used as a basis for them.

Granite steps are made from one type of granite or settled – from several colors. The texture of the steps is a heat -treated or polished surface with a heat -treated strip. In the manufacture of granite steps, factual cladding elements are often used, which prevent gluing shoes. The service life of steps from granite is from 50 to 300 years.

Granite and marble countertop

Harmony of natural stone create harmony with metal, ceramics, wood, glass. They are functional elements in design that can become a worthy decoration of any home. Countals of marble and granite can have a different shape – square, round, classic, oval, which is well suited in design.

The edge of the countertop can be made in the form of a chamfer, rounded cut, rectangular. Granite countertops are used in the bathroom, in the kitchen. And a wide range of colors allows you to choose any shades that will be perfectly combined with the color scheme of the room. This natural material is also suitable for modern interiors and classic design.

Marble countertops can turn the room into a refined corner in the house. Therefore, the use of this material in bathrooms serves as a key to cleanliness and health. The unsurpassed beauty of marble and plasticity create an atmosphere of relaxation, which will be very appropriate for this room. Marble countertops have an ideal surface that shines from the inside and is decorated with bizarre patterns.