What can I fold the wooden floor

The owners have not stopped using wood when placing flooring in the home. And this is quite well clear, because in this case it is possible to get an excellent floor option with very good practical, environmental and aesthetic characteristics. Moreover, there are many suitable materials.

In the standard form, a wooden floor is a coating that is composed of massive boards. But today it is not easy to implement this option, if only for the reason that it is incredibly difficult to work with a massive board in an apartment. Therefore, more often this method of flooring is found in houses. Recently, pallets are often sold in St. Petersburg to learn more about this will not be superfluous.

For apartments, those options for materials that are not difficult to lay in a limited space are more suitable for the apartments, it is easier to raise a non -high floor and carry through the entrance. For example, this includes parquet. Such a coating with proper styling and subsequent competent care for a long and regularly serves.

A peculiar median option between these types of materials is a regular and parquet board. The second is more convenient in use, but at the same time it costs more. Its distinctive feature from a regular board is the presence of a system of fasteners, due to which the installation of the material is carried out when the repair is performed.