Rolled curtains on individual sizes – a reliable decoration of the window

Rolled curtains – one of the methods stylishly and by democratic value to arrange the window opening from the inside. This is the most practical and durable, which does not require special care to decorate the window and protect the room from sunlight and other people’s eyes. Such protection is actively used to create a stylish interior design in apartments and offices. They are made from fabric of different textures, colors and shades. To increase strength, symbiosis of natural and synthetic tissues is used. But there are one hundred percent natural – from cotton, flax and even bamboo. The most durable are rightly considered rakes (so they also call roller curtains) from synthetic materials – polyester and polyacrylic.

Rolled curtains – a wonderful alternative to the blinds

Rolled roller rollers confidently entered the life of our compatriots and began to rightfully be considered an excellent alternative to the blind. Not only are they convenient to use, reliably protect from light, they also harmonize perfectly with curtains and tulles, of course, a suitable color. Today you can buy such rollers in any real or virtual interior of the curtains. The fabric for rolled curtains is mandatory for special processing, so it does not burn out, does not break and does not stretch, receives antiseptic and dusting qualities.

So that they perfectly fit your window in size, it is better to order roller curtains, and not buy ready -made curtains. Many curtain salons provide a service for a master at home for measuring and choosing a model of roller curtains.

According to the type of luminarity, such rollers are classified by:


opaque, especially dense;


Designers of the Salon of Curtains will help to choose something specific, they will also give advice on the most convenient placement of the design of such fabric rolls-on the ceiling, on the window profile or in the opening. Such rollers can be used not only for its intended purpose, but also as an element of zoning of the room, a kind, partition.

The advantages of roller curtains are as follows:

democratic price;

ease of use (the fabric is wound on the shaft using a mechanism that is driven by pulling the chain manually);

the ability to choose any color, shade, texture and type of fabric, with or without pattern;

stylish appearance;


Decorating windows with the help of this kind of fabric rolllet instead of all the time of the blinds – a wise solution.

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