Rogstevni for the bathroom

The installation of roller shutters in the bathroom helps to solve such a dilemma: to hide the shut -off valves and the pipe, and at the same time have free access to them. The use of roller shutters in the toilet and the bathroom have the following advantages:

When they are in a lowered position, the impression is created absolutely even, aesthetic, clean and pleasant to the painted wall. When raising the roller shutters, you can carry out repair work and serve locking reinforcement, if necessary, replace the pipeline, as well as take readings from the meters.

The roller shutters are also easily moved along the up-down guides, they have locks that regulate the lift height, in the closed position can be fixed by the lock in order to block access to the technical zone. The undoubted advantage is that the roller shutters have many shades, so they are easy to choose in the tone of wall decoration.

When choosing roller shifts, it is better to stop your attention on the designs not from plastic, but from leaf aluminum, the surface of which is covered with powder spraying. For a bathroom it is better not to buy ready -made roller shutters, t. To. They may not correspond to the closed opening, but resort to the services of a specialist.