Construction on inclined surfaces

Perform construction on a tended surface is a difficult task. The soil in such areas usually poorly restrains water, and it goes down the slope. Because of this, soils on the slopes can be attributed to non-poudy or weakly bundious. High quality reinforcement frames will be needed.

On the ground, the angle of inclination, which is more than 10 degrees, is possible to shift the soil layers, so the construction of houses with a column-lental foundation will require special experience. In this case, it is necessary to increase the number of foundation poles by 20-30%, in the calculation of the value that is determined based on the conditions of the bearing capacity of the base. The bulk soil can be used to level the construction site, only if it is thoroughly tamped, poured well with water and what is important, such soil should lie for a couple of years.

The tape of the grillage of the column-lental foundation is performed stepped, in this case, its vertical part is a continuation of the foundation column with a common reinforcement. Part of the wall is about 2 meters, which is located above the step of the grillage, will require additional reinforcement, in this case, windows and doors at the site of the first floor should not be planned.