Combined floor screed

The combined type of floor screed combines several separate screeding methods, and also unites difficulties and cost. A good reason for the combined floor screed will be a concrete base. On the base you need to put heat-, moisture, vapor barrier. Lags are installed on top according to pre -measured and built beacons. Material for lag can be not only wooden bases.

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Metal profiles are well suited. The next step is to fall asleep of dry backfill. In the role of dry backfill, there may be a slag or small expanded clay. It should be remembered that you need to make a seam along the walls around the perimeter of the floor. The seam should be made of elastic materials. On the layer that we fell asleep, we need to mount the first layer of the draft. This layer can be chipboard, GVL, plywood sheets and so on.

The sheets of this cover will need to be laid out in two layers so that the joints are not through through (that is, when laying the second layer, we shift the joint). Sheets need to be fixed with each other. This can be done using self -tapping screws or special glue. On top you need to pour a self -leveling mixture. And here is the finish line as you can safely mount the last layer of the final sex on the surface of this layer.