European -style repairs, what it is.

In the modern world, this type of repairs as euro has become popular. Many people believe that if you make repairs decent enough and that there is more white in the house than any other. But this is not at all European repair, but just a delusion. If you want to know how it should be a Euro-stand-up in this repairs, then read the article.

The renovation is how?

If your plans to make a repair of the European standard in your plans, then you need to get high -quality materials. The old interior needs to be changed completely. Now you need all the objects in the interior to have an ergonomic type. Starting from electrical appliances to plumbing.

You have not a slight task, because you even have to redevelop. In this case, you will need to obtain permission from a state institution, in writing. If you decide not to do this, then there will certainly be well -wishers who will press you especially if you live in an apartment. This repair lasts a long time and neighbors are unlikely to like it, the frequent use of a jack of a hammer or drill. And then you have to pay a fine not small. Everything will be much easier with permission.

If you are interested in the mounting, then we advise you to go through the link indicated by us. There you can find out more about more about installation opera and also find a dealer that will deliver it to you to any region of the Russian Federation.

Also, resolution is also needed so that the organization examines your house and finds out which walls can be ruined and which categorically is not.

Having received all the necessary papers, you need to think about how you see your house in the future. If there are no ideas, then it is better to contact the designer. If you, like many people think about the predominance of white color in the interior, then this is a mistake, choose any.

You should know that the demolished walls should now be replaced with columns, decorate the ceiling with stucco molding, and halogen lamps. Must be the presence of arched doors or passages in the house.

Of course these are all conventions, you just need to know what the House of the Euro-Standard should look like. And the rest of you must turn on your imagination yourself, and it will determine how you want to see your home. Everyone has their own opinion.