How to restore ceramic tiles, recovery methods, technology

Ceramic tiles can be growing up, like all building materials. Cracks appear on many tiles, or the solution becomes less durable. For example, an element of ceramic tiles may fall off in the kitchen. The reasons can be different. Maybe, for example, a piece of tile is poorly attached by the solution. If you have this, then you should not despair. It will not be necessary to lay out new tiles, you just need to have small skills in using building materials, and know how to restore ceramic tiles. To restore ceramic tiles, you will need a spatula and special glue, as well as the finished embroidery, a rubber spatula, and a clean dry rag. The main thing is not to forget that if you want to make tile repairs, you should make it right away, otherwise, under different influences, after some time it will become worthless. At first you should turn all the tiles with an emery stone, then “walk” along the wall and back side with a skin. It is necessary to prepare a solution of cement and alabaster so that it is thick as sour cream. Then you need to put the solution on the wall with a spatula (where the tile used to be), and attach tiles. Press the tile for a few minutes, and then remove the excess solution with a rag.

The problem of tiles is that the grout in the seams is aging and cracking. To avoid this, you should cover the tile with special mixtures that repel dirt.

A spoiled grout can be replaced. You should remove a spoiled grout with a file. Apply a pre -prepared new grout to all seams with a rubber spatula or ironer. Waiting for it to dry, wipe with a dry rag and remove excess.