Some facade plaster

1. Silicone. This polymer coating includes silicone resins. This plaster has high moisture resistance, resistant to ultraviolet rays, and temperatures are resistant to temperature extremes. It looks very good, reliably protects the building, serves as long as possible.2. Acrylic. Acrylic plasters also have moisture resistance and are resistant to temperature differences. Their disadvantage is that they are quickly polluted and require updating.

3. Cement-sand. This plaster is used for constantly increased humidity and temperature changes.

4. Decorative. It allows you to realize interesting ideas. It has different colors, which gives a unique flavor. At leisure, it will not be superfluous to learn more about the site KonditSionirovanie. HTML.

The newly rebuilt buildings cannot be plastered, because it can give a shrinkage soon and the plaster layer will go cracks. The thickness of the plaster layer should not exceed 20 mm. An ordinary lime plaster is laid on the concrete surface, and then facade plaster is applied. Facade work is best entrusted to professionals who will give guarantees for work and material.