Repair of apartments in new buildings in Moscow

Having paid for the apartment in the House-Newbuilding fee, most often we come to see how exactly the construction of the house takes place, where our housing will be in the future. Construction is carried out most intensively, and the promotion is visible every new month, the floor is growing a house. By the time you have to cut a red ribbon, and when the keys to the cherished apartment will be received, do not rush to celebrate your housewarming, do not enter coziness in the apartment. The thing is that it is from this moment – with the cutting of the ribbon, the stage for number two begins, and this stage is related to bringing the apartment to the desired state. The most complex repair of apartments from housing repair on the “secondary” is markedly different. The new building is increasingly on free layout today, and therefore the repair begins with the fact that the design of the future interior is prepared. The work of the designer is to design the most comfortable interior solution. There cannot be in this case a typical solution. There can be no typical solution for the reason that someone sees a large kitchen and a very small bedroom in his house, and someone needs to be divided into square meters in order to make repairs so that there are two rooms for children and a large living room.

After the design of the project is compiled, masters begin their work. The working hours of masters depends on the type of upcoming repair. Cosmetic repairs are relatively quickly carried out, but in new buildings, a comprehensive repair is increasingly ordered.