How to make a bench

In order to begin to build the design of the bench, it is necessary to determine the place where it will be. The bench can be placed where the shadow most often falls, near decorative structures. It is desirable that a lawn can be built under a bench. The shop itself consists of eight parts. The size of each, depends on the height and placement of the bench. On average, the height of the bench is about 50 cm., And the width is about 1m. and more. After all the sizes of the future bench are determined, it is necessary to prepare wooden boards and then fasten them using self -tapping screws for durability. After that, it is necessary to attach the legs to the bench at an angle of 30 degrees, so that it is more resistant to external stimuli and is not under shaving. Sitting can be made of any design. The main thing is that it is made of quality materials. Oak boards or plywood are well suited for sitting. Then attach it to the finished design, using self -tapping screws. And attach the back of the bench in the same way. If the bench is located on the street, then it must be covered with varnish and treated with an antiseptic, so that it lasts as long as possible.