Stretch ceiling. Price ratio – material.

Each house is special, performed by a designer studio in a certain style or simply decorated with an independent repair. Modern technologies for creating a beautiful and comfortable house did not even ignore the ceiling decoration.

Stretch ceilings are a great choice, if you need to hide the deficiencies in the ceiling, level irregularities or just choose a beautiful and original image from high -quality modern materials.

Ceilings are made from various materials. Behind this feature, they are divided into stretch ceilings from a heat -shaped film and stretch ceilings from fabric. The film is an environmentally friendly material, it can be used without fears in residential premises. They have a very wide variety of shades and can be lacquer, matte, metallic and others.

Special dense fabric ceilings are also a beautiful solution, but they are quite expensive. But such a ceiling can be made large enough without seams, without fear that it will sag.

The choice of each buyer is only his separate independent solution, which is based on the funds free for purchase, features of the house, apartment or office.