Installation of drywall on the walls

Drywall can be installed on the walls, for example in the room. I know 2 types of installation:

-Using profiles.

-Using special glue Perfix for example.

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These species have their pros and cons, although it all depends on the condition of the walls. If the walls are even even and there are no large differences, deformations in their structure, condition, then I would choose glue, and if there are changes, destruction with a difference of 10cm in from the ceiling to the floor, I think I would use the profile, abrupted them in the wall, or fighting off a smaller point. The fact is that it may be about different types of walls (apartment, private house and more).

For example, a gapsarton on the walls installed on the profile, with a knock on it there will be an irritable sound-echo. If the glue will be deaf for glue. It all depends on the conditions of work and the professional approach. Glue, if they say, that he moves away from the wall or another, no I install such types of work and I will say that on a good glue you fig it, or he will peel off.

In general, I will say a gapsarton is a ready-made plaster, in my opinion a very good choice.

Installation of drywall on the walls is allowed only to people, masters, having no experience in this work, I do not advise you to install such work yourself.

If you work with the profile, and it goes with us SD and UD, we need a hydraulicarian, first to discard the points, when performing the dimensions, start work, also processing the walls and the cracks with the primer with the antifungal Smile or Cerezit and the mixture of the same action with a solution of the same action. It is very important to comply with all the rules for installing drywall and prevention, in the future Zili and other side effects.

Naturally, after installing gypsum, hesitates, primers, well, and after that, wallpaper or other types of finishes are glued.

When installing the installation on glue, almost the same installation methods are performed, only there are some nuances.

Such work with the proper performance of the masters will give the desired result, which will give a guarantee for many years. Drywall is a popular material when installing, wall decoration of any room.